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Event Spaces


The Pearl

The Pearl features classic white walls, wood beams, and stunning chandeliers. The Pearl includes a ceremony site across from the venue, a beautiful covered porch and outdoor courtyard, as well as two upstairs suites for bridesmaids and groomsmen to gather.

This event site can accommodate up to 200 guests indoors and is equipped with a catering prep area, stationary bar, vintage tables for décor, lounge area, and guest restrooms. This event site is perfect for any event and will provide memories for a lifetime.

The Belle

The Belle Farmhouse is perfect for those envisioning an event with a smaller guest count.

The farmhouse is surrounded by a beautiful covered porch, perfect for an indoor/outdoor event. It also includes a beautiful front lawn that can be used for an outdoor ceremony or private event.

The farmhouse can accommodate up to 100 guests indoors and is equipped with a prep kitchen, stationary bar, seating areas, and guest restrooms.

Carly and Ethan _ Katie York Photography413.jpg

The Pavilion

Our Pavilion area is perfect for those envisioning an outdoor tented event. This site offers the flexibility of event styling for many different uses including weddings, corporate events, private concerts, entertainment, etc.

The Pavilion can accommodate 300+ guests and is equipped with an outdoor stage, speakers, and guest restrooms.

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